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 Computer Equipment Sales & Leasing Wednesday, September 27, 2023  

Leasing Equipment Is Our Business

Since 1985, Ontario Investments has provided the kind of adaptable, individualized service that only a small leasing company can offer. Ontario has specialized in designing custom operating leases of equipment from the largest manufacturers in the business for a range of municipal clients, from state and local governments and public schools, to hospitals and police departments.

At Ontario Investments, the collective experience behind our product is our greatest strength—and your biggest advantage.

The integration of these components means they’re personally involved in every aspect of the lease. Another telling difference: when a customer calls Ontario Investments, everyone in the office knows who they are and what they need. “We’ll get back to you within 24 hours,” says Michael. “We are the product. That is our biggest asset.”
While Ontario Investments prides itself on tailor-made products, the reason for the company’s success lies equally in the people who stand behind the product. President and owner Jim Marsallo Sr. says 43 years of combined leasing industry experience goes a long way toward convincing clients that they’re dealing with a company that knows its business.

Expertise & Flexibility

“We have the expertise to answer questions quicker than our competitors, who may have only been in the leasing business for two or three years,” says Jim Sr. Jim Jr., Vice President of Marketing, adds that their combined experience helps Ontario Investments come up with creative solutions to problems. “We work with customers one-on-one to solve problems individually,” he says. He also feels a smaller company has flexibility bigger companies can’t claim. “Whether it’s putting together a program with a vendor or brainstorming with a customer, we don’t have to wade through the red tape that many of our larger competitors do.” And the result is that
Ontario Investments is better able to adjust to industry changes—an advantage for its customers.

Creativity & Customization

Ontario Investments’ employee sale programs at the end of the lease period are also unique to the industry. “It’s another example of an advantage we offer that our competitors can’t match,” says Jim Jr. “These sales represent a real benefit to employees, while allowing employers to replace their old equipment without having to dispose of it.” Efficiency & Attention “Streamlined, truly personalized service is what makes us different,” says Michael Marsallo, Vice President/Treasurer. “We work together to create the ideal leasing package for any customer in a short period of time, without committees or lengthy meetings.” And since all three Marsallos are under the same roof, there’s no separate finance, contract, and invoicing departments.

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