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 Computer Equipment Sales & Leasing Thursday, September 28, 2023  

Computer Leasing Programs

Ontario Investments, Inc.'s leasing program provides an alternative way to aquire equipment when budgets are tight and there is a need to keep up with current technology.

Our leasing program is designed to aid departments, agencies and institutions that are supported by city, county and state governments.

Our customers include:
state & local government
public schools
colleges & universities
police and fire departments

Equipment we lease:
desktops & servers
networking equipment
tape backup systems
printing equipment

Ontario works with vendors that provide equipment to municipalities by offering attractive financing options. Our lease agreements can be tailored to meet the required terms and conditions of each entity, while complying with various statutes and regulations.

You can choose from term lengths of 24, 36, or 48 months. We'll supply you with an operating lease structure and your equipment will be under warranty during the entire term of the lease.

With Ontario, your budgets will stay constant and in-line with your expectations. Your technology will stay current, under warranty and your IT managers will now be able to focus on enhancing the network instead of repairing it! No more auctioning or donating that obsolete equipment that piles up.

Ontario's leasing program allows the end user ultimate flexibility when it's time to refresh technology. At the end of the lease, purchase the equipment at fair market value or return the equipment and lease new technology.

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